Teriyaki chicken with Teriyaki Koji (of course!)

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After a long break, I’m finally back! As I mentioned in my previous post, our house extension is still going and I haven’t gotten back my kitchen yet. So please bear with my humble photo….

Anyway, did you have a time to look at my Teriyaki chicken recipe at In the Zen Garden? There I gave more like a traditional way of cooking teriyaki chicken (yes, I made it a bit simpler though!). But do you know what? If you have Teriyaki Koji, it can be even easier to cook it. In fact, it cannot be easier and simpler than this recipe!

Again I recommend you to use chicken thighs rahter than chicken breast. In Japan as well as in many parts in Asia the chicken thighs are much preferred to chicken breast because the thighs are juicier and more tender than the breasts even after the cooking and have a more complicated flavour. Use the thighs for this recipe and you will love them! If you want a quick and easy meal just put some cooked rice in a bowl and top it with this teriyaki chicken. (By the way, cooked rice freezes well. Just pop it in a microwave and heat it up till it gets hot. If you have some portions in a freezer, you can always have a hot meal in no time at all!) Add some cooked greens such as chopped stringless beans, spring onion, etc. There you are – an easy weekday dinner!

Teriyaki Chicken with Teriyaki Koji

Everybody’s favourrite is even easier to cook with Teriyaki Koji!

Serves 2 as main dish or 4 as a starter
Prep 1 hour or more for marinate, 10 minutes for cooking

2 chicken thighs
Teriyaki Koji 1.5 tbs
Honey 1 tbs
Oil (Sunflower, olive, etc., but I recommend Sunflower oil because of no strong flavour)
(yes, that’s all!)

(In the morning or even the night before) Spread Shoyu koji on chicken thighs evenly and leave them from 5 to 6 hours.
1.Put chicken thighs on a cold frying pan. Turn the medium heat on. When the meat starts sizzling, put the lid on.
2. Turn them over after 4 minutes and leave it for another 2 minutes. Adjust the time according to the thickness of the thigh.
3. Serve hot with grilled vegetables!

It’s so simple and tasty for a quick supper during the weekdays. Oh, and don’t forget the rice freezing tip above!

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