Sweet Koji Smoothie

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What do you eat at breakfast? These days I drink a fruit and veggies smoothie. It’s great way to start your day with a freshly made smoothie which contains loads of vitamins and nutrients important to your health. You also feel great providing something nutritious to your family, too, but these are not only good things. To be honest, it’s a great way to use up whatever you have in your kitchen! Especially great if you bought a big bag of fruits and veggies at the market and you don’t know how to finish everything. So the ingredients don’t really matter, but there are a couple of things which I always add – a knob of ginger, Sweet Koji and yogurt to make sure I and my family get enough goodies to our body, as well as porridge oats to add more fiber and to fill us up nicely. After I started drinking this smoothie in morning, I stopped snacking before lunch as I feel nicely full till midday. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare, so why don’t you try it?


Sweet Koji Smoothie

Just add Sweet koji and yogurt to your morning smoothie. They are the best buddy to improve your digestion!

Serves 4 (4 x 200ml glass or 2 tall glasses)

Fruits and veggies in season about 500g roughly chopped (berries, apple, kiwi, carrots, etc. anything you like or anything in your kitchen or in your garden)
Ginger 1 knob peeled and roughly chopped
Porridge oats half a cup
Unsweetened soy milk 2 cups or more(adjust according to your liking)
Sweet Koji 50cc
Yogurt 50cc

1. Put all the chopped fruits, veggies and ginger in a blender.
2. Add porridge oats and put Sweet Koji and yogurt on top, then pour soy milk.
3. Run the blender till the ingredients get smooth.
4. Pour into the glasses and drink straight away!

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