Summer has come! Refreshing cucumber salad with Koji

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Do you remember that I said in my last blog that UmaMia koji products would be on the shelves of a grocery shop in north London soon? Well, actually things are not going quite as easily as I expected…. I’m struggling to find the right packaging! I know that my Koji products are alive – which is the source of much of their goodness – but I had not realised the issues that can cause for packaging.

I’ve got a box of tamper evident plastic containers with lids which have a tight seal once they are closed. I added some Koji in one of the containers and left it on a kitchen table. After a few hours I noticed that the container was bulging out. I left it for another hour or so, then the CO2 gas produced by live Koji eventually pushed off the lid from the container! (The force wasn’t strong, but enough to push the lid off slowly.). While the same problem does not happen when the product is in the fridge, it would be a problem if people took a long time to take them home (particularly in warm weather).

I’ve been researching if there is any packaging which can release some gas, and I’ve just learned that coffee beans also have similar issue, and that’s why those packs sold in supermarkets have special one way valves! Now I’ve got some samples of those packets for coffee and started experimenting by filling them up wih my Koji. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far, so good. Fingers crossed!

Today I’ll show you a very easy and refreshing cucumber salad recipe. It will be great as a side dish for your BBQ or for a picnic under the sun! There is another great benefits with this recipe – you can take in raw Koji which is rich with essential amino acids and vitamins!

Cucumber salad with garlic Koji (Tzatziki with Koji)

Easy, refreshing and so many health benefits as you are taking in raw Koji!

serves 4
prep 5 minutes

1 cucumber, peeled, seeded and diced
100g Greek yoghurt
2 tbs lemon juice
1 -2 tbs garlic koji (or Savoury Koji mixed with a bit of crashed garlic)

1. Just mix all the ingredients except the Garlic Koji.
2. Add Garlic Koji at the end, adjusting the amount according to your taste.
3. Garnish it with some toasted sesame seeds.

Great as a side dish for your picnic and BBQ!

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