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Long time no see! Sorry for not updating this site for a long time – I thought our house extension would finish much earlier and get my kitchen back ages ago. Incredibly the work hasn’t finished yet 🙁  Anyway, I cannot keep waiting, so I’ve decided to start uploading some recipes again. Thank you so much for your patience, and I’ll post a recipe within the next two weeks!

By the way, I’ve just started contributing easy Japanese recipes to my friend’s website – “In The Zen Garden” – .

There I try to make the recipes as easy and simple as possible with the ingredients which you can get at any supermarkets in the UK! (Sadly Koji is not widely available in the UK, so these recipes are the ones without Koji.) The first recipe is Chiken Teriyaki – everyone’s favourite!  Have a look and any comments welcome! xx

So easy to cook and yummy!
So easy to cook and yummy!


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