Special roast vegetables with Garlic Koji

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Father’s day got off to a poor start today, although Peter, my husband, didn’t notice since he was still in bed.  I sent the kids down to the local shop to buy some bread for toast while I made  some bacon and eggs for a surprise breakfast in bed.  The shop is quite close by, however it was a full 30 minutes before the kids came back.  They had had a fight in the shop and then somehow lost most of the change from the £10. I had given them on the way back.  And the shopping was something out of a Fast Show sketch (now you know which generation I am in!).  A pack of bagels, chewing gum, a soft drink and a packet of crisps…..I am starting to think they do it deliberately so that I will not ask them to run errands in future:(

Anyway the weather has continued to be nice and warm weather here in Surrey, UK.  I love the UK at this time of year (provided the weather is like this). Everything is so green and pretty.  In June it is the rainy season in Japan and it is hot and humid. It is fine in the Japanese countryside, but Tokyo is not so pleasant as with so many buildings and roads it seems to get hotter each year. William spent much of this afternoon, in between his studying or more like other way around, doing back and front flips in the garden. Jamie and Peter – excused from chores because of father’s day – went fishing and, very unusually, caught a couple of fish.  Both were tiny. apparently.  We could never survive on a desert island with those two fishing.

By the way, I have taken a big step forward on the Koji front.  My products will shortly be on the shelves at Atariya, a Japanese grocery shop in Golders Green!!  I am thinking to start with Garlic Koji, Savoury Koji and Teriyaki Koji.  I hope to add more products gradually, such as Koji dressing, Koji dip, etc. Apparently more than half of Atariya’s customers are non-Japanese. I cannot wait to see what think of my UmaMia products!

As the weather is so nice, today I’m going to show you the recipe of grilled vegetables with my Garlic Koji.  This is very popular among my English friends and is a great accompaniment to meat or fish dishes and a great side dish for your BBQ, too! This is one of the easiest ways to see how Koji enhances all the nice flavours of veggies.

Special roast vegetables with Garlic Koji

Easy, tasty and healthy accompaniments with your meat or fish mains!

serves 4
prep 10 minutes + 30 minutes in an oven

1 head of Broccoli divided in small florets
2 peppers chopped roughly
1 onion chopped
10 baby plum tomatoes or cherry tomatoes
1/4 pumpkins chopped in 2cmx2cm chunks (Kabocha squash is the best, but butternut squash will do, too. If you don’t have it, use courgette instead)
1 block of feta cheese chopped roughly
3 – 4 tbs Oive oil
2 tbs Garlic Koji (or Savourly Koji with two pieces of minced garlic)

1. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and put all the veggies and cheese on top of the sheet.
2. Mix olive oil and Garlic koji well. Add it to vegetables and coat very well with your hand.
3. Put it in the oven at 200C for 30 minutes. (If it starts burning after 15 minutes, put a sheet of foil on the top.)
4. Serve it with your lovely main.

If you want to serve this as a main dish, add couscous.  Easy and healthy Sunday lunch!

Roast vegetables with Garlic Koji and couscous
Roast vegetables with Garlic Koji and couscous

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