Sweet Koji Smoothie

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What do you eat at breakfast? These days I drink a fruit and veggies smoothie. It’s great way to start your day with a freshly made smoothie which contains loads of vitamins and nutrients important to your health. You also feel great providing something nutritious to your family, too, but these are not only good […]

Tender and juicy grilled mackerel

Grilled mackerel marinated with Savoury Koji

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As you imagine Japanese people love fish! In a Japanese fish market you can find all sorts of different fish, but interestingly our favourites are different to here. In the UK people seem to prefer white fish, such as cod and sea bass. On the other hand, we generally prefer oily fish such as mackerel […]

Teriyaki chicken with Teriyaki Koji (of course!)

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After a long break, I’m finally back! As I mentioned in my previous post, our house extension is still going and I haven’t gotten back my kitchen yet. So please bear with my humble photo…. Anyway, did you have a time to look at my Teriyaki chicken recipe at In the Zen Garden? There I […]

Start posting easy Japanese recipes on “In the Zen Garden”

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Long time no see! Sorry for not updating this site for a long time – I thought our house extension would finish much earlier and get my kitchen back ages ago. Incredibly the work hasn’t finished yet 🙁  Anyway, I cannot keep waiting, so I’ve decided to start uploading some recipes again. Thank you so […]

Meatloaf with tofu and savoury koji – healthy and tasty!

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Hello from Surrey, England where the Autumn colours are at their best and unusually it is both still quite warm and relatively sunny. Our house extension has been going slowly, but finally the builders are knocking the walls down this or next week. I fear if the outside air will start coming indoor freely soon […]

Koji Tasting Lunch – Chinese Mapo Aubergine

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We had a Koji tasting lunch on Thursday at my friend Sam’s house. I was very excited to be able to show my friends Koji’s incredible power, but I was still a bit nervous as I’ve never demonstrated my humble cooking skills in front of people. On the day I drove to Sam’s house who […]

My take of traditional Japanese dish – Really easy Nizakana (cooked fish)

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Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely summer. Here in the UK we had a very nice and unusually sunny July, then when people started feeling a bit uneasy and suspicious, the rain came in August to make people feel at home;) We went to Wales, and we enjoyed rafting, rock climbing, hiking and […]

Summer has come! Refreshing cucumber salad with Koji

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Do you remember that I said in my last blog that UmaMia koji products would be on the shelves of a grocery shop in north London soon? Well, actually things are not going quite as easily as I expected…. I’m struggling to find the right packaging! I know that my Koji products are alive – […]

Special roast vegetables with Garlic Koji

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Father’s day got off to a poor start today, although Peter, my husband, didn’t notice since he was still in bed.  I sent the kids down to the local shop to buy some bread for toast while I made  some bacon and eggs for a surprise breakfast in bed.  The shop is quite close by, […]

Tofu & Savoury Koji Carbonara

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Hello. We have been lucky with sunny and warm weather here in Surrey, UK. In our small garden lots of flower have started blooming, and it might be the best time of the year. To be honest, I’m not good at looking after a garden nor is my husband.  Since it would have been so […]