About Me

Dear friend,

I’m a Japanese and love tasty and healthy food. I started making Koji and Koji based condiments a few years ago because it wasn’t easy to get hold of them in the UK. Koji is Japanese fermented rice packed with essential amino acids, enzymes to help and support your gut health and vitamin Bs. On top of these health benefits, it adds lots of umami to your food. Some of my friends started buying my products. Then British people in my neighbourhood started showing interests and they have become big Koji fans! So I founded UmaMia to spread Koji. I love making Koji and experimenting new and delicious combinations. I use natural ingredients and care about keeping all the health benefits of Koji. That’s why all the UmaMia products are fresh and not pasteurized. Hope my UmaMia Koji finds your love and helps your health and cooking. I’d love to hear from you and please let me help if you have any questions!

Mie xx